Morality of Tragedy

Morality of Tragedy

Yesaya Sandang

Through tragedy sometimes we can take over some wisdom from what the tragedy trying to describe. Also trough tragedy we can understand some particular “moral message.” We can found a certain kind of conflict or controversy and contradiction between “good” and “bad” in the tragedy.

By tragedy in human life (or the certain tragedy of character in a story) we can go into the deepest space and in to the struggle which happen in the tragedy. We can understand the dilemma and conflict along with the contradiction and the consequences.

Tragedy brings us too look deeper on the argument which is build upon certain kind of option in contextual situation on the tragedy. The situation which is describe in the tragedy is a reflection of the real condition that human can suffer. Condition that maybe could happen in our life. Condition where an option must be taken in diversity of consideration. Sometimes in also in tragedy we can found the conflict of morality behind the particular condition in the tragedy which is can be object of our life reflection.

That kind of reflection can bring us to a better understandingin every decision behind the tragedy. Trough the tragedy we also can found the ‘value’ which we can understand in certain condition in the tragedy. In every tragedy there is alwaysan option or answer and from there the conclusion can be found, and hopefully there will be illumination.


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