Facebook: Euforia, Simulakra, dan Relativitas Realitas

Facebook: Euforia, Simulakra, dan Relativitas Realitas

Yesaya Sandang


Facebook as one of the social networking website has been widely accepted and make an important impact in today’s life. As a variant of its predecessor’s website like My Space or Friendster, Facebook bring so much more into our virtual social life. This paper tries to exam the phenomena of Facebook trough the debate between neo-Luddite on one side, and Technophile in other side. While doing so, this paper also tries to show few impacts that Facebook (through Internet) brings. And at the end this paper conclude that human being needs to be more aware in finding a balance in every technology euphoria.

Keywords :Facebook, Internet, Neo-Luddite, Techophilia,  Simulacra,Euforia,Reality,Relativity,Social Networking, Cyberspace, Balance, Responsibility, Consequences.

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Jurnal AITI, Vol 7, No 2 (2010)

Facebook: Euforia, Simulakra, dan Relativitas Realitas


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